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As an entrepreneur with a young family, I really get the need to be resilient! My family and my professional team rely on me to be clear headed, focused, and adaptable especially when challenges arise, and so the need to learn how to cultivate an inner environment of harmony and ease has been paramount in my journey as a business professional. 

The work that I now do as a Stress Management Coach & Trainer is deeply meaningful to me because my own spiritual journey actually first began with learning how to manage my stress levels. 


The truth is, I’ve always had access to intuitive guidance and spiritual wisdom, yet for most of my life I couldn’t hear or “receive” the information clearly. Stress and overwhelm created too much static on my receiving-end and there just wasn’t room in my consciousness for spirituality or intuition - when I was living in the repeated cycle of stress responses.


As I learned to self-regulate my nervous system I was able to broaden my focus and begin receiving intuitive messages and energetic information more clearly. And I’ll be honest, this was a pleasant surprise, but was not actually something I was expecting or intending! Spiritual connectedness has been such an incredible gift that has added so much richness and depth to my life experience, but my journey first began by learning how to manage and regulate my internal environment.

If I can now be a guide to help others deepen their own spiritual connection by first learning to self regulate and work in harmony with their inner technology - that's a purpose worth living!! 


Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada I’ve had the opportunity to be a business leader and entrepreneur for over 15 years. I am a University of Saskatchewan graduate (with a Business Communications Degree), and I am passionate about ongoing personal development and continuing education. I absolutely love learning! 

Professionally I am certified and trained in a variety of inner environment modalities including: Life Coaching, Mindfulness & Meditation, Reiki Healing, and EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique). I am also a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, as well as a HeartMath® Certified Practitioner & Mentor.

I am also the Author of the personal guidebook Vibrational Business: 8 Guiding Principles for Harnessing the Law of Attraction in Business.

If you were to really get to know me you would discover:

> I love the outdoors and nothing brings me more joy than spending time in the forest by the water at our family cabin in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. 

> I absolutely love learning! In my spare time you'll find me watching programs on Gaia, reading, taking online courses, and tuning into talks and podcasts from my favorite speakers and spiritual teachers. I love immersing myself in topics such as energy healing, metaphysics, the natural laws of the universe, conscious evolution and so much more!

> I also love writing, meditation, being in nature, and hearing the giggles of my little girls. I'm also quite fond of a delicious cup of dark roast coffee, curling up in a blanket, and spending quality time connecting with close family and friends.

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