To guide or be-guided, which is “best”?


TIMES OF Clarity

There have been many times in my life when I’ve experienced a lot of clarity and focus. I knew exactly what I wanted to create and experience in my life, and I could easily formulate a clear vision in my mind of what it would be like to live that future experience now. I could feel the feels, I could smell the smells, and I could easily live the experience through practices like visualization and mental rehearsal.

Whenever I have this level of clarity around something I truly desire, it feels so easy to do the 'guiding'. To be the GUIDE in my life, who asks for exactly what she needs.

In the asking process, I'll set intentions by writing out my specific desires and visions in a journal (or on a special piece of paper), and then communicate those intentions to Infinite Intelligence / Higher Wisdom.

This past year I have been playing with some of the meditations that Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches in his book Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon. Dr. Joe teaches a formula for connecting to the Infinite Field (the Quantum or Unified Field) which I like to view as kind of like being a field of possibilities. Like a fresh garden that is ready for planting, I view my intentions as being ‘seeds’ that I plant in a fertile ‘garden’ of the Infinite Field where anything is possible. I’m not going to kid you – the Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations are a bit on the longer side, they require extended focus, and they’re not for everyone, but I really enjoy the Tuning to New Potential Meditation (which is a little over 45 mins long).

Sometimes I sync up my intention setting with the energy of the New Moon, other times I just create my own special ritual. I also enjoy the process of burning the paper I have stated my intentions on, which feels like an energetic releasing to communicate with Higher Wisdom.


There have been other times in my life when I have been completely unclear on what I wanted or needed. This usually happens during periods of evolution and personal expansion, when I am up-leveling or shedding layers and becoming the next version of myself. I refer to this transition time as feeling “chaotic” because it can feel like I’m in the middle of a tornado with swirling energy all around me.

During these periods, I can usually sense that I’m changing, everything around me is shifting, and I’m not quite able to grasp clarity or focus yet. I know that I’m going somewhere, I’m just not sure where yet. It’s not easy but I lean into trust that during these times of transition and change, I am being guided… I am not the Guide. My Higher Self (my soul essence) is guiding me to the next important chapter in my life.

I recently went through this experience as I shifted my career into coaching, training, and writing. It was a period of about 3 years where I tried to grasp on to clarity and focus, and yet things kept changing and shifting. Just when I thought I had settled on a clear direction; I would be shown a new pathway that I also felt drawn to. A big saving grace for me was the connection and relationship I feel to my spiritual team. My guardian angel, my angel guides and spirit guides, my ancestors, and past loved ones. I could sense them energetically circling me as I went through this recent transformation, and I regularly asked them for guidance and support. I surrendered control, and as hard as it was, I allowed myself to be guided.


I'd love to know - at this moment in your own journey, are you guiding or being guided?

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