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Join Dawn Wotherspoon, Spiritual Business Coach, Meditation Teacher, & Owner of ClubMynx Movement & Wellness Studio, for a 6-week journey of connecting inward and healing your relationship with yourself. 

Upcoming Schedule

Wednesdays 10:00-11:30 AM

Oct 16, 23, 30, Nov 6, 13, 20, 

*Investment: $199+gst 

Note: The in-person experiences will take place at ClubMynx Movement & Wellness Studio, 619A 1st Avenue North, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (Entrance on north side of the building)

Love, take a deep breath...

I want you to know that I understand. You can trust in the knowing that everything is working out for you, and that you've found your way here for a reason.   

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dawn Wotherspoon and I am a Spiritual Business Coach, Meditation Teacher, and the Owner of ClubMynx Movement & Wellness Studio. I am here to make sure you have the support and guidance needed to make the inner changes you so deeply desire. I can relate to your readiness to shift things on the inside.

The moment I let go of the need to change myself or my body, was the moment I finally understood true freedom.

You see, for a good part of my life I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. In my teens and early twenties I struggled with an eating disorder, and for the past fifteen years I have been on a journey of healing, shifting beliefs and learning to love and accept myself as I am.

Fast forward to today...

I honor and appreciate my body every single day. I feel confident and proud of who I am, and I no longer desire to change. I focus on feeling good. Confidence and inner peace radiate naturally because I accept and love myself right now in this moment. I listen to the wisdom of my emotions and feelings, and I am connected to my spiritual essence and all that makes me a Sacred Woman. 

I can tell you with certainty that it is possible to shift how you feel about yourself inside, and with the right support and guidance you too can get to a place of truly loving and accepting yourself.  

You're ready to start feeling better about yourself...

You’re ready to increase your confidence and reconnect to your body with love and appreciation

You know in your heart, with more confidence will come more joy

Joy in intimate relationships. 

Joy in satisfaction from showing up in your fullness. 

Joy in feeling connected to what makes you a Sacred Woman. 

If you’re being honest, you haven't always treated yourself the way you deserve to be treated. You're tired of trying to change who you are and what you look like, and you're tired of holding yourself back.

You know something must shift inside in order to feel better, but you're unsure what that is.

As a Coach, and the Owner of ClubMynx Movement & Wellness Studio, I have worked with thousands of women over the past decade who have all shared a common desire - wanting to feel more confident. The challenge is that we are often confused about how to start shifting things on the inside.

So often we focus on changing our exterior. We hope that by changing our appearance, we’ll magically feel better inside, but this is what I refer to as a lipstick solution, because at the end of the day, when we wipe the lipstick away, we are still left with the same feelings about ourselves inside.   

The truth is that when it comes to reconnecting with our natural confidence, it has to start on the inside, which has nothing to do with our appearance. Deep down inside you know this to be true, as you have seen many different people, different shapes and sizes, rocking who they are, and feeling amazing in their skin.

If they can do it, so can you...Let me show you how.

Introducing Sacred Self

An 6-week journey of connecting inward through soul dancing, guided meditation, and intimate circle sharing.

In 6 powerful weeks you will:

 ~ Begin establishing a loving relationship with your physical body, built on the foundations of self acceptance, self appreciation, and self love 

~ Begin connecting with your inner wisdom, intuition, and beautiful guidance from within  

~ Begin embracing your feelings and emotions, allowing them to flow through you for relief and releasing 

Program Details

Within this program you will receive:


Each week you will gather in person for 90 minutes: of Soul Dancing, Guided Meditation, and intimate Circle Sharing. In-person experiences break down into the following format:

  • 45 mins of Soul Dancing

  • 15-20 mins of Guided Meditation

  • 20 mins of Circle Sharing


*Spaciousness has been allotted in each class to allow for flow. Note: due to the intimate nature of this program drop-in participation will not be permitted, and make up classes for missed classes will not be provided. The in-person experiences will take place at ClubMynx Movement & Wellness Studio, 619A 1st Avenue North, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CAN (Entrance on north side of the building).

What to Expect:

What does Soul Dancing mean?

It means listening to the callings of your soul, and messages from your body, and moving in a way that feels best for you that day. Taking cues from your own body, not from anyone else. No expectations. No pushing. No following along trying to match what everyone else looks like. In this class you will connect in with your own body and dance to your own rhythm, making the movements as gentle or expressive as you want. Within each class the Facilitator will guide you on a journey of allowing different aspects of your inner world to express and shine through. Soul dancing has a way of bringing to surface an array of emotions and feelings, and can be a powerful channel for releasing anything you’ve been holding on to. It is an inclusive form of movement, meaning all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities can truly enjoy this style of dance. The lights will be dimmed, and we encourage participants to focus on themselves, while passively honoring and celebrating others who are also journeying in class. Participants are encouraged to wear anything they feel comfortable dancing and moving in. Fitness attire is not necessary; in fact, if you feel comfortable dancing in a flowy feminine dress, or leggings, (or your bathrobe), wear whatever feels best that day. You will often find us barefoot, enjoying the playfulness of a kimono as we dance and twirl to the rhythm of our own beat. Don’t forget to bring water to replenish your Sacred Self.

What does the Guided Meditation include?

It includes quieting the outer noise, and allowing your thoughts to drift away in a beautiful guided meditation or visualization. Eight beautifully crafted guided meditations have been created in honor of your journey within Sacred Self. Each soulful experience has been designed to be inspirational and uplifting. If you’re like many who struggle to sit still during meditation, you’ll likely find it much easier to enjoy after having just transitioned from Soul Dancing, as your body will be ready to rest and recharge. Participants are encouraged to bring layers, and other items of comfort to class such as a cozy blanket.

What does Circle Sharing mean?

Immediately following the guided meditation, the group will gather together in an intimate circle to share experiences from the movement and meditation that day, as well as reflect on any personal insights that may have come forward for the week. This sacred time is meant for sharing our own processing and journey, and supporting each other in the ups and downs of inner acceptance and forgiveness. It is not a time for “fixing” one another, giving advice, or trying to make others feel better... instead this is a time for holding space and listening. Gentle prompting will be provided to begin each circle, and all participants will be invited to share. You are welcome to pass on sharing at anytime. This is a safe, intimate, and inclusive space for you to be real and raw, with the support of a soulful community around you.

Contact Me

If you have any questions about this program or would like to connect on a call before registering, please complete the following form and I will follow up with you on a time we can connect.  |  Tel: 1-306-381-7177

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