Soul Circle Gatherings offer a very special opportunity for connecting with others in an intimate and sacred setting. These private gatherings can be personalized to accommodate a variety of special events and personal milestones, with some of the most common occasions being: 

  • Moon Circles (honoring either the Full Moon or the New Moon)


  • Seasonal Circles (honoring the Spring or Autumn Equinox, Summer or Winter Solstice)


  • Blessing & Celebration Circles (directed towards a guest of honor who may be celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, promotion, move etc.)


  • Initiation Ceremonies (directed towards a guest of honor who may be transitioning into a new life stage such as an upcoming marriage, an upcoming birth, or any other major life milestone)


  • Healing & Support Circles (directed towards a guest of honor, or anyone within the circle who could benefit from receiving loving support and healing energy)


  • Sisterhood Circles (honoring sacred connection with other like minded women, perfect for gatherings such as splurge groups and ladies-night-out) 


  • Divine Feminine Circles (evoking different Archetypes such as the Inner Child, the Warrior, the Siren, the Goddess, and the Wise Woman. These sacred circles are wonderful for any women’s gathering occasion, and often include elements of dance, music, and song). 

Every Soul Circle Gathering is unique & special

I enjoy personalizing the activities, rituals, and ceremonies based on the type of gathering being held, the size of the group, and I also love to accommodate any special requests from the coordinator or guest of honor. Most circles will last approximately 90 mins in length, and include several activities, along with music, reflection time, and circle sharing time. A few of the more common activities include: 


  • Inviting guests to bring special items to co-create a sacred Altar in the center of the circle (such as flowers, candles, crystals, pictures, personal treasures, etc.)

  • Following along to a beautiful guided Meditation

  • Participating in a Releasing Ritual or Intention Setting Ritual

  • Enjoying an Expressions of Gratitude circle share

  • Participating in a Sacred Gift Making for a guest of honor, or to exchange with others in the circle

  • Enjoying a picnic style sharing of sacred foods, treats, teas, etc.

  • Soul Dancing (unrestricted and freeflowing dance movement that helps with embodiment, personal connection, and releasing stored or blocked energy) 

  • Flower crown creations (usually in partnership with a flower shop) 

  • Writing a love letter to Self, or love notes to a guest of honor for wisdom sharing, blessings, and healing 


Note: These are just a few of the many different activities and special inclusions that are possible. I like to co-create each Soul Circle in partnership with the coordinator, and together we will choose the activities, rituals, and ceremonies most suited for the gathering.

Approximate Investment

To be determined (but an estimate would be between $249-$299 for a 90 min booking). Special pricing for smaller groups may be available. The price will vary depending on the location and equipment/set-up needs of the group. Also note: depending on the chosen activities there may also be some additional costs (such as food/beverages if a picnic style circle is desired, or any costs for supplies to make your own flower crowns or sacred gifts). Upon confirming the booking, a final all-inclusive price will be provided so that there are no surprises.


All bookings are required to be paid in full at the time of reservation, and are non-refundable, and non-transferable unless at least 2 weeks notice of cancellation is provided. Etransfer to is the preferred method of payment.


My availability is limited, so please contact me well in advance of your gathering once you have a specific date in mind (please text me at: 306.381.7177 or email: I look forward to connecting and creating a very special Soul Circle Gathering together! 

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