Align your energy in business and open the pathway for success, abundance, & ultimate freedom!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dawn Wotherspoon, and I am a Spiritual Business Coach, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, and the Author of Vibrational Business: 8 Guiding Principles for Harnessing the Law of Attraction in Business. As a long time entrepreneur, I’ve proudly owned and operated a movement & wellness studio in Saskatoon, Canada since 2005.

I’ve been a student of the Natural Laws of the Universe for decades, and although I can confidently say that for many years I've understood the basic principles of the Law of Attraction, I admittedly haven’t always been consistent with applying these understandings to my own life, particularly to my business strategy.

For far too many years I put my head down, worked extremely hard, and ultimately sacrificed self care and precious time with my young family in the hopes to somehow magically create a successful business through hard work and determination.

To be honest, during that time I really wasn't paying attention to my personal vibration or how I felt on the inside, and this lead to a lot of exhaustion, burnout, and frustration. I finally had to slow down and ask myself: what am I missing? What needs to shift in order for me to reach my fullest potential? 

As I leaned into the practice of meditation and consistently focused on quieting my thinking mind and connecting with my inner guidance, I became inspired to revisit the Law of Attraction teachings and deepen my understanding of what it means to be a vibrational Being.

In turn, I created The Business of Vibration Masterclass Program and recorded the personal guidebook Vibrational Business, which encompasses a collection of 8 Guiding Principles for harnessing the Law of Attraction in Business. 

As a Coach, I now work with entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the world helping them connect with their natural confidence, and master their creative powers so they can align their energy in business and welcome in massive success, abundance, and ultimate freedom!

Here's the thing: Your business is an outward reflection of your inner vibration. 

As the entrepreneur and business owner: your most valuable contribution isn’t the action that you take, but instead the vibration you offer.  

Are you ready to expand your level of consciousness as an entrepreneur?


Want to learn how to align your vibration, and allow more money, ease, joy, and satisfaction into your life and business? 

Wonderful! Let me introduce you to the journey we'll be taking together!


Throughout this Masterclass Program you will:

Create a heart-centered, vibrationally aligned Business Blueprint that uplifts and inspires you to pursue your big business vision without limitation

Come to understand what it means to be a powerful vibrational Being, and learn to align your energy for massive business success, abundance, and ultimate freedom!

And there's more!

Learn the value of reprogramming your money beliefs and begin creating a new abundance story.

Connect to your vibrational advertisement and understand how it affects your ultimate attraction power.

Discover how to open the pathway for allowing more dollars and clients into your business.

I'm giving you my all in this program! 


Throughout this journey you will be receiving: 


Including 10 x weekly Coaching Videos and 10 x weekly Business Blueprint Deep Dive Activities which guide you through the complete Business of Vibration Masterclass course curriculum (additional details below).


Each week we will be connecting 1:1 for 60 powerful minutes of transformational coaching, with a primary focus on releasing inner resistance and limiting beliefs, and opening up your energetic pathway to allow the business success, abundance, and freedom you are desiring.  


I've focused on making this journey as simple and ease-filled as possible, and the reason is - I want you to FEEL GOOD during our time together! The Coaching Process is really simple and involves 3 easy steps each week:

Step 1: Watch the Coaching Video (approx. 45-75 mins per week)

Step 2: Complete the Business Blueprint Deep Dive Activities (approx. 60-90 mins per week)

Step 3: Attend the 1:1 Coaching Call each week, and be fully present, distraction-free and ready for some serious inner shifting (approx. 60 mins per week)


Know that you will forever have access to the coaching videos and Business Blueprint Deep Dive Questions for as long as you desire. Most importantly, you can trust that you will be fully supported throughout our time together, and you will also have the most amazing toolkit of transformational inner practices to continue utilizing far beyond the conclusion of this program. 

The Business of Vibration Masterclass Program is for entrepreneurial souls who are 100% committed to their success, understand that they are the creator of their own reality, and are ready to expand their level of consciousness and learn how to masterfully harness the Law of Attraction in their business creations.


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